No bible passages today, just words of encouragement to the depressed

Happy new month!
Welcome to December!!!
Newness! Newness!! Newness!!!
New wine
New wings
New lease
New page
A new beginning….
All that you desire according to God’s will for your life is coming to you with an overflow. The Lord is renewing your strength like the eagle’s. You are soaring higher and stronger against all current. You are victorious! Don’t dare give up now…’ve been declared the winner.
All debts will be paid.
That idea you have will sell.
That contract is yours.
Fear not, you shall be married. And if you are married already, you are blessed.
You are the seed of Abraham, you will conceive and be fruitful.
God hasn’t changed His mind concerning you, allow him take your hand and lead you through December into 2014.
He’s leading you out of poverty into great wealth. Out of weakness into strength. Out of shame into honor. Out of timidity into confidence. Receive Life! Life!! Life!!! In every sphere of your existence in the mighty name of JESUS!!! Amen!!!!


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