G.M.T [good measures truths] for 2day [MUST READ]…. U don’t get born again by Shakin’ d hand of a preacher, by gettin confirmed, by gettin baptized in water as an infant … ..by goin’ 2 church evry sunday , by wearing prescribed religious clothing , by filling in d back of a tract , …by bearing a christian name , by hanging a cross on d neck, haha, by holdin a church post , by obtainin church membership certificate , by belongin to a church service unit , by comin’ from a christian home , … .. By strugglin’ 2 live a discipline life , . … IF UR PREACHERS HAVE BEEN UNABLE TO COMMUNICATE THESE TRUTHS TO U , we gospel rappers will help ya out … Especially 4rm Good Measures Empire , .. . . . You see , you get born again by , admittin’ u are a sinner , Romans3:23… By repenting 4rm every known sin _repent means ‘turn away 4rm such sins’ . Acts 3:19 … By confessing ur sins to God , confess means ‘admit’ . 1john 1:19 …. By believing in the only begotten Son of God & makin Him alone ur personal lord & saviour .. John 3:16…e t c. . . I love ya all


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